Item: Novella - From the Depths: Gate to the Abyss (Digital)


From the Depths: Gold

A digital novella penned by Adam Heine, telling a tale set in Numenera's Ninth World and tied into Torment: Tides of Numenera. Part of the "From the Depths" series of novellas touching on the Gold Tide.

The enemy of your enemy can still kill you.

After the destruction of Shuenha, Luthiya and the other survivors take refuge in a dessicated land of churning volcanoes and eternal night—the ruins of Ossiphagan. They endure, but barely. So everyday they search the ruins, hoping to find some powerful artifact that will avenge them against the bloodthirsty Tabaht.

Luthiya discovers the fire wights, an ancient race both beautiful and powerful. She's afraid of them, but when the wights scare off a Tabaht scouting party, the other refugees believe they've found their redemption. But are the wights all they seem? Can they be reasoned with or are they bloodthirsty animals?

More importantly, are they working alone?