Pledge to Torment

For premium digital or physical copies of Torment, you can back the game using the pledge options below. All pledges go directly towards supporting Torment's development.

Note: Most pledges will occur instantly, but certain payment options like eCheck may be non-instant. Your pledge will not appear on your account until you add your PayPal email to your account and verify it. For more details on our pledge system, please click here.

Digital Rewards

This edition includes the game, plus the digital soundtrack, concept art book, all seven novellas, and several other digital extras. More Info
This exclusive package contains Torment and Wasteland 2 as digital downloads, as well as their game manuals.  Two awesome RPGs for the harcore RPG fan. Wasteland 2, the original crowdfunded RPG, has been released after years in the making! More Info
Pledge any amount you want and receive an equal amount of inXile Points in return. inXile Points (XP) are equivalent to 1 cent (US dollars), so $1 USD = 100 inXile Points. The points themselves are used for selecting rewards, add-ons and covering shipping fees. Points also contribute to your overall user level (higher levels unlock more rewards). More Info