Email Issues


We have received word from some of our users that certain email providers may experience problems in receiving automated emails from this web site. Emails may be incorrectly flagged as spam/junk, or blocked, but are vital to managing your account.

We will contact you from the following addresses for any support or automated response purposes.  These emails should be added to your email account's whitelist and/or contacts, which may allow you to receive email from them:

  • no-reply@inxile.net
  • support@inxile.net

Note: Some email providers don't block all our emails - they simply send it to your spam/junk folder instead. Please make sure to check that email messages aren't being put into your spam/junk folder.

Email Providers

The following email providers have previously experienced issues in receiving our automated emails.  Please contact the customer service department of your email provider to see if they can help resolve this issue:

If your email provider is unable to resolve this sissue, please also send us a message at support@inxile.net to let us know you are having trouble, so we can investigate on our end.