Updated Our Journal #66: Beyond the Beyond

kickstarter2017-03-09 12:15:15

tl;dr: New content coming to Torment, rewards status update, and THANK YOU!

Hello Exiles,

We are now a little over one week after the release of Torment! It's been amazing to see the reception that the game received. The game has been an extremely strong success critically, with praise, awards and even several perfect scores along the way. If you want to read some of the reviews, we’ve done a pair of roundups that you can find here and here, as well as an accolades trailer. More importantly, we've been seeing your feedback throughout the forums, comments and social media.

We've heard from hundreds of you who have reached out to say that that Torment: Tides of Numenera is a worthy successor to Planescape: Torment, and that is something we are extremely pleased and humbled to hear. We'd love for you to get out there and keep spreading the word, leaving reviews, posting comments, sharing your experiences, and more. There’s a lot to discover in this game, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all discuss the story and events of the game for years to come!

When we came to you on Kickstarter, you gave us an incredible opportunity to make a game that would never have happened otherwise. It's through your continued support that these kinds of games will continue to get made. You have our everlasting thanks for providing us the ability to bring these type of games back.

What Comes Next?

Since release, we have been tirelessly reading your feedback, comments, and reports, and using that to plan a few patches for the near future. These will be primarily focused on fixing some pesky bugs that some of our players have encountered, as well as performance and stability optimizations, both on PC as well as on consoles. You can expect to see our first patch coming in the next couple of weeks.

But, we also want to address the longer term. Four years is an extended development timeline for an RPG, and it is a hallmark of our ambition for the game. Torment has the longest script we've ever produced at over 1.2 million words, and provides more nuanced reactivity and more complicated quests and stories than we have ever done before.

Despite that, there were some features we wanted to include in the game that we weren’t able to finish in time for release. Companions, in particular, were a big production trade-off. Not only does a single companion take many months of work from writers, scripters, designers, and artists, but because we wanted companions to interact and react to the game world and conversations in a deep way. Their implementation needed to happen later in the development process, when quests and area design were mostly complete. As we were iterating on the companions, we felt the time was best spent building them out deeper as opposed to slamming in a few more on a surface level. These development decisions are never black and white, but we always approach it from a position of what we truly believe is best for the game. As we addressed in a previous update, reducing their number was a necessary trade-off to hit the level of quality we wanted.

But, there's a saying that no work of art is ever truly complete. We certainly know that many of you were looking forward to some of the things we couldn't squeeze into our release build, and it just didn't sit well with us leaving those behind. Now that we have had a time to see your feedback on the game, we also have a better sense of where we can focus our resources to improve.

To that end, we are pleased to announce that we will be working on additional content and updates for Torment post-release. These updates will include:

  • Oom ("The Toy" companion).
  • Voluminous Codex.
  • Crisis system improvements.

Our initial updates to the game will focused on bug fixes, optimizations, and other improvements, while the content additions will come later down the line. Both the patches and content updates will, of course, be completely free for all Torment owners, including backers, PC buyers, and console players. We will have more news on these in the coming weeks and months!

Digital Rewards Update

At this point, most of you have received your rewards digitally and are playing the game (if you aren't please check out our Torment web site, login or create an account, and link up your Kickstarter pledge email if needed).

In the week since release, a few things have been added and updated, so we wanted to call those out for you all...

First, backers at the Lore Seeker, Digital Collector's Edition (PayPal), and Numenera Seeker reward levels and above, are eligible for an Immortal Edition upgrade key. This will let you get many of your digital rewards on Steam or GOG. Many of you requested this and we are happy to oblige! To get this, you can check your Keys page on the Torment backer web site.

Second, many of you who claimed your game key for Steam Early Access asked if you could receive a GOG key for final release instead. We've heard you! We now have an "Exchange" button on our backer web site that will let you exchange your Steam Early Access key for a GOG version of the game. Please note that this can only be done if your Steam key was claimed prior to the game's Feb. 28th release date, and once exchanged, you cannot exchange it again.

Last, as a free bonus to you all, we also have made a Backer Outfit Upgrade key available to all Torment backers. This key will grant you a set of three additional armors at the start of the game. This is currently only available for Steam – however, we are working on a way to provide this content to backers who got the GOG version of the game very soon!

As an additional note, many of you have been contacting us with support inquiries – thousands, in fact! Rest assured that we are responding to everyone as fast as we can. If you need assistance, please be sure to contact us at our support page. If you did write in and haven't got a reply, we will respond to you as soon as we can! We appreciate your patience during this extremely busy time.

Physical Goods Update

We've been getting lots of questions about physical rewards recently, and we're pleased to say they are shaping up great! Here's a sneak peek at the Collector's Edition box and novella set...

Collector's Edition box.

Printed Novella Compilation.


Many of you have messaged us wondering what the status of shipping physical rewards is. To recap, we previously contacted everyone receiving physical goods late last year and early this year, asking them to update their shipping address on our backer web site if needed. Provided you gave us your correct shipping address by January 27th, 2017, you will be ready to receive all your physical goods when they ship. Our first shipping list has now been sent for processing, so shipping should begin very soon!

Note: If you missed the January 27th deadline, or require a sudden change of address, we won't be able to squeeze in that change for the initial shipment wave – however, we'll be in touch about how we can handle late shipments.

Thank you once again to every one of you. If you've enjoyed Torment and want us to help keep making more RPGs, be sure to help us out, whether that's by following us on social media, giving a like or subscribe on YouTube, writing a review on Steam, GOG or elsewhere, or just spreading the word in general. It's your amazing support that allows us to continue making the games we love. We can't stress to you enough how amazing a journey working on this new Torment game has been, and we are excited to see how we can continue to improve it even further.

Chris Keenan
VP of Development