Updated Our Journal #65: The Wait is Over

kickstarter2017-02-28 00:01:55

Hello Exiles,

When we first came to you asking for your help in making a new Torment game, we were genuinely overwhelmed and moved by the sheer outpouring of support. Torment is a game that would never have happened without you, and you blew us away beyond our wildest expectations.

Now the wait is over, and Torment: Tides of Numenera is ready for you to play, enjoy and experience. This is a true RPG with over 1.2 million words of text, multiple huge locations to explore, with the most involved quests and characters we have ever made – we tend to be overly ambitious on these things, and it is a much deeper game than we initially set out to create.

The entire team at inXile has worked countless hours to bring you the new Torment, we are immensely proud of what we made. Of course, we made the game first and foremost for you, our backers, and we truly hope you enjoy it.

Thank you,
Brian Fargo
Your Leader in Exile

P.S. We were hoping we could get the final version of the game live a little early for backers... and we did!

A Video Message from Colin

We also have a video message to share from our Creative Lead, Colin McComb:

 Of course, you probably have other questions on your mind...

How do I start playing?

Eric Daily here. We know that many of you will have questions about Torment on release day, but first and foremost: "How do I play this game already?!"

Fortunately, it's easy! If you already used your Steam beta key, your game will automatically update to the release version.

If you never claimed your key, then login to our newly-updated Torment backer web site, then visit the Rewards page and check your "Keys" tab.

If you are one of our few backers who never created a backer account, then be sure to sign upusing your email address you used to back the game. Once your account has been verified (check your inbox for a verification email!), you should see your rewards appear on your account afterwards.

We also know some of you wanted to use a Steam key to play the beta, then switch to GOG for final release. We'll have a way to do this coming very soon, and will let you know when it's available!

Likewise, we are in the process of getting all our reward downloads up - such as our digital novellas, concept art book, and more - but those will be online very soon, and possibly by the time you are reading this!

Release FAQ

Of course, we know that there are some other questions on your mind, so here are the quick and dirty answers!

Will my beta save files work in the final version?

Any saves made after the Tidal Surge beta update in December should work with the final release! However, any save files from earlier versions (before the Tidal Surge update) are not likely to work, or will experience significant bugs. If you want the most stable possible experience, we still advise you to start a new game.

I already used my beta key on Steam. Do I need to use a new key?

If you already have the beta/early access version of Torment installed, you do not need to use a new key – the game in your Steam library should update to the final version automatically (provided you have auto-updates turned on in Steam).

As a free bonus, since beta Steam keys auto-update to the final game, this means any backers who got the beta separately will get a bonus game key. You are welcome to give this one to a friend or family member if you wish. Consider it a special thanks for backing at a higher pledge level!

When are Mac and Linux available?

Right now! You do not need to use a separate key for them – each game key will give you the game all our supported PC operating systems. On Steam, you will be able to download the game directly from your library; on GOG, you should see downloads available for Mac and Linux install files.

I used my Steam key for the beta, but want to switch to GOG. Can I do that?

We will have a way to do this on our backer web site very soon. We will keep you all up to date on when it is available.

I never made a backer account. What now?

If you are one of our few backers who has never created an account with us, you will first want to register on the Torment backer web site.

I need your direct help with something!

Please get in touch with us at our support page. Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of messages right now, so we appreciate your patience as we try to help everyone we can as quickly as possible!

About Physical Rewards

Those of you who are getting physical rewards are no doubt looking forward to getting your game boxes. Techland has assured us they are planning to ship out the physical rewards very soon! We’ll be awaiting confirmation from Techland when they are shipping, and send all of you notice as soon as we hear from them. We should also mention that signed Collector's Edition boxes may ship slightly later than the standard backer boxes and unsigned CEs – this is simply due to the extra time needed for us to sign them. We will stay in touch with all of you who are getting physical rewards, and contact you directly with more information when available. And of course, you don’t have to wait for your boxes to play the game, you can claim your Steam or GOG.com right now on the Torment backer web site.

But in the meantime, we thought we'd give you a sneak peek on their progress. Here's the Collector's Edition box...

A distinguished box for the distinguishing gamer.

It is a hefty matte cardboard box with a magnetic clasp hinge. What's it like inside? You may soon find out! One other small detail is that we designed it to be the same size as Pillars of Eternity’s Collectors Edition. Given the thematic links between the titles, we thought it’d only be right they could fit next to each other properly on your shelves!

One other item we couldn't wait to show you is the cloth map, which is in all Collector’s Edition versions. Some of you may have seen this in digital form previously, but seeing it printed out definitely gives it a more old-school feel.

Map artwork by Christopher West.

We also have larger versions that are included in some of our higher reward levels, which... well. They're pretty big.

As mentioned above, we'll be in touch with all backers receiving physical goods in the very near future with more info as Techland moves forward with shipping and distribution.

Some Free Bonus Rewards!

As an extra special thanks to you all, we also have some extra goodies for you. Every single one of our backers who got a copy of the game also receives a free pack of Torment forum avatars, some bonus wallpapers, as well as a free set of Torment-themed ringtones and notifications based on the sounds and themes from the game. You will find these among your downloads on the backer web site (click the "Downloads" tab).

What’s Next?

Torment is out and ready for you to enjoy, but we’re not done with the game yet. We will be monitoring your feedback on the forums and social media for any post-release updates!

Enjoy the game!
Eric Daily