Updated Our Journal #62: Tidal Surge Update for Early Access

kickstarter2016-12-21 09:17:28

tl;dr: Our last big update before release is here!

Greetings Exiles!

Hot on the heels of our release date announcement (it's February 28th, 2017 in case you missed it!), we're pleased to announce our last big beta update for the Steam Early Access version of Torment on Windows before the final game is out. In celebration of this last stretch towards release, we're calling it the Tidal Surge Update!

We know many of you have been waiting for this update, and now we're very happy to be able to deliver a much-improved version of Torment for you to enjoy. Like previous builds, this one will allow you to play the game's first major chunk, taking you through Sagus Cliffs and some parts of the Castoff's Labyrinth – the remaining content will come with the final game, as we don't want to spoil everything, after all!

Update Notes

The Tidal Surge Update includes literally thousands of changes from the last version. There's simply far too many to show you as we'd probably start to approach the word count of the entire game just in version notes, but the highlight features are:

  • Voice-acting has been added to key characters and conversations.
  • Huge balance improvements across combat, loot and economy.
  • Tweaks and adjustments to character stats, such as armor and resistances.
  • Many interface art and functionality improvements, fixes and other refinements.
  • Improvements to visual and sound effects, especially combat abilities.
  • Reworked early-game crisis flow.
  • Game settings such as key rebinding and text size are now available.
  • Added tutorials and other helpers (optional).
  • Hundreds of bug fixes and performance optimizations.

For a list of known issues with this build, please see this thread.

We still have a bit of time left on the game, so we encourage you to check out our forums and let us know of any bugs or issues you run into, as well as for your general feedback!

News Time!

We also have a few bits of news to share as we near the end of 2016. First up, creative lead Colin McComb held a live Q&A session from Techland's offices in Poland. You can watch the full stream here, where he answered as many questions as we could fit in!

Next, you might remember a couple of updates ago we showed you our trailers for the Glaive and Nano types. The final one, for the Jack, is now available, and you can view it right here to complete the trio:

Last, we wanted to let you know that inXile CEO Brian Fargo will appear on Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed, a new documentary series that dives deep into the world of gaming's biggest icons, celebrities, consumers and experts across all fields. You can see a teaser featuring Brian here, and if you are interested, you can take a closer look at the show over here.

Until next time,
Thomas Beekers