Colin McComb EGX 2016 Talk

misc2 years ago • 2016-09-27

Colin McComb attended EGX in lovely England this past weekend to give a talk about Torment's narrative design. The full video is available below, and sees Colin going into depth about the underpinnings of character design as well as walking through the design of one of the game's side quests.
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Torment Fan Q&A Video - Part 2

media2 years ago • 2016-09-26

Creative Lead Colin and Senior Writer Gavin are back for the final part of this fan Q&A video series! In this one they answer questions from social media and speculate on the chances of success the various Torment team members would have while trying to survive a billion years in the future. You can also view part 1 below if you missed it:
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Torment Fan Q&A Video - Part 1

media2 years ago • 2016-09-22

We recently polled on social media for questions from our fans, and we got a fantastic response - enough to make not one, but two videos! Here, we have Creative Lead Colin McComb and Senior Writer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie in part 1 delve into the answers. We'll have part 2 ready to show soon, so keep an eye out.
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High-Res Concept Art Reward is Now Available!

rewards2 years ago • 2016-09-14

We have a treat for backers today - the High-Res Concept Art reward included in many of our reward levels and as an add-on is now available for download! This reward includes three separate high-resolution packs of concept art from the game's locations, characters and objects, and specific game scenes, and gives a glimpse into some of the game's world and its development. To find this, go to your Rewards page and then click on the "Downloads" button und...
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Updated Our Journal #58: Gamescom 2016, Building the Necropolis

kickstarter2 years ago • 2016-09-08

tl;dr: Torment comes to Germany, Adam and Joby talk design Hello Exiles, Chris checking in. In our last update, we mentioned that we had partnered with Techland Publishing for Torment, and that our first major event would be showing the game at Gamescom 2016. After quite a few weeks of prep, it was go time. Brian, Colin, George, Thomas and myself all packed our bags up to visit Germany, and it was an incredible experience. Techland did a fantastic job in setting up n...
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Torment PlayStation Blog From Gavin

news2 years ago • 2016-09-08

Torment writer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie has penned a write-up introducing Numenera over at the official PlayStation Blog! You can see an excerpt below: I don’t know about you, but we here at inXile like our RPGs a bit strange. We want to solve bizarre mysteries, argue with memorable lunatics, and get killed by dangerous artifacts when we press the wrong button. That’s why we’ve been having so much fun making Torment: Tides of Numenera — the entire...
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