Updated Our Journal #60: Rolling Towards Release, New Novellas & Trailers

kickstarter2016-11-23 10:47:29

tl;dr: Torment in the home stretch, new novellas released for backers, and new Type trailers to watch.

Hello Exiles,

Eric Daily here! I'm the producer on Torment, coordinating the team and managing day-to-day affairs. I've been around since the Wasteland 2 days, but they have now decided to let me out of my cage in time for Thanksgiving so I can bring you an update on where we're at!

But first, we have a new series of trailers rolling out from Techland, which show off our character types/classes (minor spoilers for locations and abilities). Here's the Nano:

And here's the Glaive:

The final video in the series will be coming soon. Keep your eyes on our YouTube channel or social feeds for that one.

Path to Gold

Phew! It's been a busy month. The Torment team has been hustling hard to get the game polished for release. The game is nearly ready, which means we're now doing all that "boring" stuff that gets Torment ready for you to play.

What does that include? Well, Jeremy, Evan and other members of the design team have been working away on balancing to make sure our Crisis encounters are as entertaining as can be, and that things like loot distribution, economy and character progression are playing well. A lot of number tweaking! Those on the writing and area design side have been playing through the game and fixing any remaining quest, story and content issues. Our engineers Steve, Jesse, Dan and more have been hammering hard on performance optimization and pesky bugs to make sure everything runs better, faster, stronger. Meanwhile, we've got our artists, scripters and more devoted to further polish and cleaning up animations, character rigs, and textures.

Fortunately, things are looking really good, so we’ve been able to divert more folk’s time toward playing the game, finding bugs, identifying balance and progression issues, and tying up any loose ends in quests. It might sound like a strange thing to say, but sometimes for developers, simply finding the time to sit back and enjoy our own games is a luxury, so we’ve been doing that too.

We also wouldn't be complete rounding up our recent progress without giving another shout-out to the QA teams at Testronic and Techland, plus our external localization partners. Those teams have all been putting in huge amounts of hours and Torment is very much improved thanks to them.

All of this work is bringing us closer and closer to a release-to-manufacturing build of the game. We've been directing our efforts towards that milestone, and when that happens, it will mean Torment is effectively a finished, complete game we can all be proud of. You can rest assured we'll be hammering away as long as we can to give you the best possible experience upon release early next year.

Last, in the previous update we hinted that we'll have a new beta update for Torment coming, and that's still the plan. This will have many of the refinements we've mentioned above, plus new features like the ability to switch between mouse/keyboard and controller versions of the interface. We'll keep you all posted!

Reward and Pledge Finalization Reminder

It's a point of some pride and a little surprise that our pledge claim rates for Torment are extremely high – according to our stats, nearly 95% of you have set up accounts with us on our backer web site and are ready to claim your rewards come release. Of course, we wish those numbers could be 100%, so we'd like to give a reminder on setting up your Torment backer account!

Those of you who backed the game here on Kickstarter at a physical pledge level, but never set up a Torment backer account – your time is running out! With Torment releasing early next year, we need to get your rewards as well as your up to date shipping addresses on file so that we have the right reward quantities for manufacturing, as well as the correct address to actually send those rewards to.

Techland has been taking point on our media and trailers (like the Nano video above), as well as backer goods, working to ensure a very high level of quality and respect for the Torment and Numenera source material and community. We've been impressed with it and are looking forward to letting you get your hands on those rewards.

So, if you backed at a level that includes a boxed copy, please make sure you create a backer account if you don't yet have one. And even if you do have a backer account with us, it would be a good idea for you to visit your rewards page just to make sure your shipping details are correct. A little diligence now means we'll be able to ensure things go more smoothly when rewards are ready to ship!

Novellas Galore!

Today we are also thrilled to release not one, but two brand-new rewards. Our From the Depthsseries comes to a close today with the Blue Tide novella, "The Last Days of Archopalasia" by Tony Evans, as well as the Silver Tide novella, "The Four Lessons of the Great Chila (As Told To, and Chronicled by the Manipulative Speck)" by Mur Lafferty. Both are now available for applicable backers through our backer site.

Both are excellent reads. Here are the summaries of both of them to whet your appetites:

From the Depths: Blue by Tony Evans

Reen Gnoseus needs a miracle.

His wife Kyria is dying, and though Reen is a brilliant scientist, he knows of no cure for her disease. Then, a stranger tells Reen of a lost city of wonders, Archopalasia, where any illness can be cured.

Desperate, Reen and Kyria set off across a poisoned wasteland in a race against time - and win. The city is there, and Kyria is cured with the push of a button. Even better, she is now apparently immortal, and wants Reen to be immortal too.

But at what cost? Are the changes Reen sees in Kyria's personality just tricks of his mind, or is something more sinister going on? What is the secret of Archopalasia?

From the Depths: Silver by Mur Lafferty

No one knew her family. No one remembered their deaths. Chila vowed that someday, everyone would remember her.

Chila and her brother are homeless orphans in the vertical slums of Sagus Cliffs, stealing and scamming to survive, but Chila dreams of bigger things, and vows to turn those dream into reality, no matter what the cost. Using chutzpah and trickery to sell herself as a hero to her impoverished neighbors, she makes a play for the whole city, only to find out how savagely those in power will fight to keep it.

Soon she is in a far worse place than where she began, but her defeat has only made her stronger, and even more determined to climb to the top.

To dive in, you can visit your Torment rewards page and click the "Downloads" button under your reward package containing them.

That brings the From the Depths series to a close, with all five of the different tidal novellas now available. But, you may remember we had a couple more novellas planned for release – one by Numenera creator Monte Cook, and another by Torment's creative lead Colin McComb. Those will be coming down the road, and we'll let you know when they are ready for you enjoy.

Tyranny Released

Last, it wouldn't be right if we didn't mention Tyranny, the newest title from Obsidian Entertainment. Tyranny is a party-based role-playing game set in a world dominated by Kyros the Overlord, a place where evil won. The game features tactical combat and plenty of choices and consequences. What's more, Tyranny is based on the same engine as Pillars of Eternity, and of course, Torment as well. So, if that all sounds good to you, be sure to have a look at the game on Steam or GOG.com!

Eric Daily