Updated Our Journal #52: More Music from Mark Morgan

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tl;dr: New song from Mark, Circus Minor screenshot and details

Hello everyone,

Chris here. Last week, we announced the timeframe for the Torment Beta Test as well as the Early Access release shortly thereafter (as a reminder, that's the week of the 17th for backers, and Early Access on the 26th). The reception we received has been amazing, and it's clear that both backers and new fans alike are interested in getting their first look at the new Torment. Today, we have part two of our "Road to Beta" series, where we're debuting some new information on the beta content.

As a reminder to our backers who do not have access to the Beta Test, but want to join it: we still have the Beta Test Access add-on available on the Torment web site. If you are interested,just log into your account. When you do, you will see a widget on the web site which provides links and instructions on how to add it to your account. Your Beta Test key will be made available when it goes live the week of the 17th.

Look for the Beta Test Status widget when logged into the Torment site to see if you're ready!
Look for the Beta Test Status widget when logged into the Torment site to see if you're ready!

New Music Track - Sagus Cliffs Exterior

As many of you know, we have worked with famed videogame composer Mark Morgan for several years now on both Torment as well as Wasteland 2. Mark is of course known for his soundtracks to Fallout 1 and 2, but he was also the composer for the iconic soundtrack to Planescape: Torment.

Our collaboration with Mark has produced some amazing music which maintains, but also matures the spirit of Torment, and today we want to debut a brand-new song from him, which you will hear as you explore the exterior environments of Sagus Cliffs.

A Look at Circus Minor

Adam here. As we mentioned in our last update, the city of Sagus Cliffs is divided up into districts. The first one that you will come across is called Circus Minor.

Circus Minor is the vibrant heart of Sagus Cliffs, a bustling combination of festival and marketplace. When public events (or executions) are held, they always take place among the crowds and merchant stalls for all to see. Circus Minor is essentially a middle-class district, but all the classes mingle here, along with artists, performers, visitants, and other strange characters.

Circus Minor is a lively place, with merchant stalls, tents and caravans lining its streets, and banners floating in the breeze above. Greenery is more commonplace here than in the other districts.

Yet there is mystery to be found. Pieces of ancient numenera jutting out from the ground are decorated and repurposed by the inhabitants. Some serve as streetlights, others have been turned to other uses, but the original functions of all these ancient constructions are now long-forgotten. And all of these are dominated by the Clock, a giant numenera artifact towering above the district, endlessly ticking away, existing within different dimensions and time periods simultaneously.

Circus Minor serves as an introduction to Sagus Cliffs, and as such, it is a relatively non-hostile place, with many interesting characters to speak to and strange and wonderful things to find. Many important quests and details about the world can be found here, and the Last Castoff will return to it plenty of times while exploring Sagus Cliffs' other districts.

Adam out.

Shout-Outs & News

We've got a new Kickstarter project we'd like to highlight for you this week. Titled Project Resurgence, and labeled as a "new old school cRPG", the game claims to draw many links with top-down classics like Arcanum, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate and more. The team has experience working on many golden-age RPGs, and has some old Interplay alumni on board (along with fresh talent). If that sounds up your alley, we invite you to take a look – they have only just launched but are already well on their way to their $160,000 goal.

Second, Adam Heine and Colin McComb were featured for a Torment-themed interview in the latest issue of CypherCaster Magazine. If you are interested in this Cypher System-oriented mag, you can find that issue here.

Thank you for joining us. We'll be back soon with more as we continue to put the finishing touches on the Torment Beta Test!

Until next time,
Chris Keenan
The Closer