Torment: Tides of Numenera - The Explorer's Guide Hardcover is Now Available for Preorder!

rewards2016-08-01 10:06:35

We have some good news for fans of pen and paper gaming! When the Kickstarter began, we said we'd partner with Monte Cook Games to offer a Torment Sourcebook for the Numenera tabletop game. That has now come to fruition in the form of Torment: Tides of Numenera – The Explorer's Guide by Shanna Germain!

The Torment Explorer's Guide (for short) is a deluxe sourcebook containing background in Torment's section of the Ninth World, including locations, items, characters and events from the game itself, as well as some that do not feature directly in the game but are part of the wider fiction and lore. Many of these were contributed to by our own designers and writers, and Monte Cook Games also expanded and fleshed them out for the tabletop. We'll let Monte Cook Games describe it:

Delve into Greater Garravia and the splendor of Torment: Tides of Numenera. The book includes:

  • Detailed descriptions and maps of prominent areas in the computer game, including Sagus Cliffs, the Bloom, and the Forge of the Night Sky, along with other points of interest in the region such as the Lost Sea, Tiaow Chain, and the Great Library.
  • New character options such as the Bloomborn and Slick descriptors, the Breathes Shadow and Speaks With a Silver Tongue foci, and a new racial option: the aquatic Ghibra from the water city of M’ra Jolios.
  • New creatures, including the ever-hungry corpuscular maw, the transdimensional crystalvore, and the golden nakal.
  • Stats and details about important NPCs from the computer game who are ready to step into your campaign.
  • Tips on playing a castoff, the same type of character you play in the computer game, along with optional rules for using the enigmatic forces known as the Tides.

Limited Time Preorder Bonus!

But wait! As a bonus offer for our backers, if you preorder the hardcover version for $40 USD (international shipping extra) and use your preorder coupon code on the Monte Cook Games store before midnight on August 10, you will gain access to a free digital copy of the PDF in addition to the physical version! For more information on how to use your coupon code, please visit this page. This bonus is only good until midnight, August 10, so act fast before it's gone!

How to get in on the offer, you ask? Just visit the Rewards -> Shop page and filter by "Monte Cook PnP" to find it. Meanwhile, backers who already claimed the digital Torment Sourcebook reward will find theirs renamed to the Torment Explorer's Guide, and can also choose to remove it and upgrade to the hardcover physical version if they so wish. Of course, the digital-only PDF version is also still available separately for those who want to go paperless.

The final version of the Torment Explorer's Guide will be available mid-August, with physical books being shipped by Monte Cook Games and digital codes becoming available around then. For those of you still on the fence, we also invite you to check out these videos from the MCG team discussing the Torment Explorer's Guide below to learn what it's all about: