Torment Beta Patch 1 Released

release notes2016-02-04 10:33:13

Today we are pleased to announce patch 1 for Torment: Tides of Numenera's beta/Steam Early Access release, which should begin downloading for you on Steam periodically if you have the beta test. This patch corrects a number of critical bugs our community reported and also has some feature and gameplay improvements across the board. Enjoy!

Note: This patch may be incompatible with your previous save files due to changes in our save/load system. If you experience bugs as a result of loading up old saves, we recommend starting a new game.


  • Heavy optimization pass to Fathom 13 scene.
  • Camera improvements.
  • Large balance passes.
  • Added hotkey support to the interface. Press I for Inventory, C for Character, M for Map, B for Quick Abilities, V for Quick Items, and J for Journal. Escape should close out of these menus, as should pressing their respective keys while the UI is open. Customizable hotkeys are not yet available.
  • Added Autosave functionality with three rotating slots.
  • Added Quicksave/Quickload functionality. Press F5 to quicksave, F6 to quickload.
  • Added a Shins (currency) display to the Inventory screen.
  • The camera should no longer pan while a menu is open.
  • Manifold miscellaneous optimizations to performance.
  • Updates to portrait artwork.
  • Fixed Broken Dome bug that could cause the intro cutscene/conversation to not play correctly. Should also fix misc. bugs that could be caused by user interface inputs falling through the UI.
  • Fixed Cypher Sickness not saving properly.
  • Fixed combat freeze-ups that could occur with repeat save/loads.
  • Cyphers can now be dragged to other characters. Cypher Sickness should no longer multiply in effect after save/load.
  • Issue with movement getting stuck on scene transition should no longer occur.


  • Fix to allow non-singular amounts of items to be added to an inventory simultaneously.
  • GridNodeFilter_WillBeFlanked was improperly if the user would be flanked.
  • CombatantSCorer_CanFlank should now calculate Flanking properly
  • Various AI bug fixes and updates/optimizations.
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes and tweaks to abilities.
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes and tweaks to items (especially Cyphers).
  • Tweaked items throughout game scenes, including more Shins placed in containers so players wouldn’t find themselves running out so easily and unable to pick certain quest options.
  • Fixes to tooltips on Skill and Ability descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue in the Sticha Lair with stray colliders blocking doors.
  • Increase minimum bonus regained from Resting.
  • Unarmed attacks now treated as Light Bashing type.
  • Added Devourer of Wrongs to Dendra O'hur Cave.
  • Added Sir Arthour.
  • Balance pass to slightly reduce armor and HP across all enemies.
  • Issue with movement getting stuck on scene transition should no longer occur.

Quests & Dialog

  • Numerous miscellaneous scripting and dialog fixes and updates.
  • Updated Peliai to resolve her quest on all cutscene exits, many paths didn’t resolve.
  • Updated Tybir to only trigger warnings about Ris’ quest if Ris is still set to be executed.
  • Updated the steel hands in the Reef so that the Smashing skill applies to the task to break off the Eight-fingered Mace.
  • Updated the scripting of Aidan Sitabo so that LCO dies when defeated by Aidan in the final challenge of his duel.
  • Updated Tranquility’s conversation to start the cutscene of Tranquility hypnotizing LCO into the Calm to occur in the onEnter of a Script Node rather than the OnExit.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to get a quest reward from Fulsome infinite times.
  • Updated Jernaugh’s conversation to only allow LCO to mention Piquo when the player has learned of Piquo’s indecision
  • Updated Jherem to move Jherem near his parents after LCO tells him the horrible truth and disable the bark triggers near the merchants he normally visits. Updated Circus Minor to auto-move Jherem to the spot under the right conditions to help offset any weirdness with him getting pushed or doing something bizarre AI-wise
  • Players were able to tell Piquo about Qeek being dead even though they had never talked to Piquo about her. Added a conditional to prevent this.
  • Prevented Qeek from talking about Piquo unless Wayward Son is active.
  • Removed “take me to egg chamber” option from conversation if the Sticha have relocated.
  • Simplified Callistege’s “What should I do next?” responses.
  • Added a non-quest critical option to check Imbitu’s alibi with Fulsome without accusing him first.
  • Updates to the Reef obelisk, including cutscenes.
  • Added more “opinions of CNPC” lines with party member reactions.


  • Body piece alternate materials now function properly.
  • Numerous miscellaneous VFX, models, background art, textures and character graphics updates.
  • Updates to Inventory paperdoll rendering and lighting. Should make them look much closer to in-world view.
  • Allowing Buzzer and Crossbow projectile with new tech to originate from the actual weapon and fixing the buzzer prefab while also reworking the projectile slightly.
  • Updates to portrait artwork.

User Interface

  • Cyphers can now be dragged to other characters.
  • Added a check (and set a prefab flag) to avoid clicking on interactable objects through UI.
  • Minor art updates throughout the interface and HUD.
  • Tooltips and extra information added for the left-hand stats panel in the Inventory and Character screens, and lots of formatting improvements.
  • Fixed incorrect portrait on offscreen character indicator for male Last Castoff.
  • The end turn button should now be re-enabled if the party element is hidden and re-enabled within a Crisis.
  • Mousing over a mob in the turn order bar now shows their stats on the left.
  • Clicking on a mob in the turn order bar now “locks” their stats on the left.
  • If a hostile mob is in range its selection circle will slowly pulse. If a hostile mob is targeted, its selection circle will rapidly pulse.
  • Added a Shins (currency) display to the Inventory screen.
  • Added a placeholder sliced frame sprite.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing text in the character sheet to vanish.
  • Added a function to retrieve the style setting defined color for a given stat.
  • Null ref check to avoid error spam on levels without maps set up.
  • Tier 0 abilities will now show up in Tier 1 to make sure special Class and Focus abilities show up.
  • Fixed vanishing free abilities in Tier increase window.
  • Updated stat display icon names to match the new all-lowercase naming convention.
  • The free advancement popup should appear directly after changing Descriptor.
  • Load screen art updates.
  • Fix for inventory UI keeping references to old Cyphers.
  • Updates to Mere artwork and text.
  • Added hotkey support to the interface.
  • Hotkey input should be blocked when any windows are open.
  • All scroll view positions on the Inventory screen should be reset when it is opened.
  • The Options menu should now accept hotkey input.
  • The camera should no longer pan while a menu is open.
  • The Last Castoff should start selected in the Loot window, so Take All sends items to LCO instead of companions.
  • Conversation window sets itself inactive after sliding out of view to prevent issues where it could remain active even when not visible.
  • Updates to Fettle tooltips. They now auto-generate information on their effects instead of needing it typed in manually.
  • Fix for bark strings handling *, also removes the “ at the start and end of a bark string.
  • Combat movement circles will now draw past valid movement range. Fixes rare wrong color in circles when there’s a valid path at maximum movement range.
  • Added info button art to the temp Effort window.
  • Adjusting temp art with improvements to help usability: added in depth to images to improve readability.
  • Quest entry title labels are now tinted based on whether they are main quests or not.
  • Added a close button and the Main Menu VFX to the Credits window.


  • Added Autosave functionality with three rotating slots.
  • Added Quicksave/Quickload functionality. Press F5 to quicksave, F6 to quickload.
  • MapData now saves scene name. Fixes the bug whereby users could not leave Fathom 1 after being sent there from the real world, saving, and loading in Fathom 1.
  • Save files can now have spaces in their names.
  • Fixed Cypher Sickness not saving properly.
  • Fettles, Abilities, and Progressions now do the same thing as Items: newly-created instances have their templates pulled from the respective manager class to ensure reference equality persists across save/load, and the various Get methods do the same.
  • Quest item display should now be updated correctly after loading a saved game.
  • Fixed combat freeze-ups that could occur with repeat save/loads.


  • Updated title music with loop.
  • New intro SFX for Fathom 1, new charge SFX for Sorrow Fragments.
  • Sound hookups for Spend XP window, Inventory window, and Journal window.
  • Many miscellaneous SFX updates and additions.


  • Manifold miscellaneous optimizations to performance.
  • Disabled Unity Shadows on backgrounds (we aren’t using them at all) for a performance increase.
  • Optimizing to reduce some created garbage.
  • Added functionality to override camera fades when leaving scenes.
  • The camera should no longer pan while a menu is open.
  • Misc. combat camera updates/fixes.
  • Companions won’t immediately resurrect on combat end when it is triggered by LCO death. They’ll wait until pre-transition-save to do that.
  • Fixed a bug where AI characters would sometimes try to path through player characters.
  • Reworked resolution switching slightly to make it actually work. Mostly. Refresh rate is broken thanks to a Unity bug.
  • Steamworks updates.