Torment Backer Posters On Sale Again!

rewards2016-03-25 12:17:06

You asked for them, and we're bringing them back! By popular demand, the Torment exclusive backer poster add-on has returned! This stunning poster will feature a design to match the one we did for Wasteland 2. Also like our Wasteland 2 poster, this one will include a list of backer names integrated into the artwork in order to celebrate those who are helping to make Torment possible.

As an added bonus, the Torment poster includes FREE shipping for anyone in the USA, and everyone worldwide with a total pledge level of $70 (7,000 points) or more on their Torment backer account. To add the poster to your rewards, just login to your Torment backer account, visit the Shop page, and add it to your account like any other add-on.