Updated Our Journal #52: More Music from Mark Morgan

kickstarter2 years ago • 2016-01-14

tl;dr: New song from Mark, Circus Minor screenshot and details Hello everyone, Chris here. Last week, we announced the timeframe for the Torment Beta Test as well as the Early Access release shortly thereafter (as a reminder, that's the week of the 17th for backers, and Early Access on the 26th). The reception we received has been amazing, and it's clear that both backers and new fans alike are interested in getting their first look at the new Torment. Today, we have...
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Updated Our Journal #51: De-Cyphering the Beta Release Date

kickstarter2 years ago • 2016-01-05

  TL;DR: Road to Beta, and Item Design with Thomas Hello Exiles, Brian Fargo here. Here we are in 2016, 17 years after the original Planescape Torment hit the scene and became a cult classic. This is finally the year for the spiritual successor to become a reality. I’m proud to tell you that Torment: Tides of Numenera Beta will be coming to all eligible backers during the week of January 17th and to Steam Early Access on the 26th of January. The team is in...
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Updated Our Journal #50: A Sneak Peek at the Beta, Backer NPCs, and News

kickstarter2 years ago • 2015-12-18

TL;DR: status update, new screenshot, George on backer NPCs, forum badge Hello Exiles, Chris here. Our team is continuing to work hard on getting the Beta Test ready to deliver to you. Torment is in that exciting stage where things are coming together rapidly, and it's been amazing over the last few months to see so many elements of the game take shape. We want to continue cleaning up some rough edges so that you can have the best experience possible. For that reason, we ar...
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Updated Our Journal #49: A Shifting Tide

kickstarter2 years ago • 2015-10-30

Kevin here. A couple of weeks ago we released Alpha Systems Test C0, the first public view of our Crisis system. This Crisis is intended to be the second in the game. (The game's first Crisis will make its debut in the beta test.) Some of the other Crises involve more exotic situations, but the one in C0 is a great example of how a "normal" combat encounter manifests using the Crisis system. Jeremy Kopman, Evan Hill, and the entire team have crafted an excellent scenario with...
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Updated Our Journal #48: Third Alpha Systems Test Released, Crisis Gameplay Demoed

kickstarter3 years ago • 2015-10-07

TL;DR: Jeremy on AST C0; Gameplay Video Jeremy here to talk about our third Alpha Systems Test (C0), which gives our backers the first chance to get their hands on one of our Crisis scenarios. If you need a reminder, we provided this PDF describing our Crisis concept. I wanted to take advantage of this release to describe some of the mechanics and interfaces of Crises, both so our alpha backers can hop in and play, and so all of our backers gain more insight into what we're...
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Updated Our Journal #47: Torment Alpha Systems Tests Have Arrived

kickstarter3 years ago • 2015-09-16

TL;DR: Torment Alpha Systems Tests underway; Adam on party death; audio from PAX panel that included Adam Hello Tormented Ones, Thomas here. Midway through last month we released Alpha Systems Test (AST) A0, the first of our ASTs for those backers who have alpha systems access as part of their tier rewards or as an add-on. You may remember the ASTs are bite-sized chunks of early-game Torment content, meant to give eligible backers a very early look at the direction we're h...
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Classic RPGs PAX Panel with Adam Heine

misc3 years ago • 2015-09-08

Missed the Classic RPGs Forever panel at PAX Prime? Never fear, our friends at Larian put up the panel’s audio on their YouTube channel. Listen to RPG Designers including our own Adam Heine talk RPGs for a good hour.
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Second Alpha Systems Test Released!

rewards3 years ago • 2015-08-28

Our second Alpha Systems Test, B0, has been released to backers with the AST as part of their rewards! This test includes new locations, exploration gameplay and companion interaction! If you already have your Alpha Systems Test key redeemed on Steam, your game will update automatically. If you qualify for the AST and don't have your key yet, you can find it on your Rewards page on the Torment web site.
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