Our setting is a place of strange and twisted creatures, structures of breathtaking and heart-rending beauty, and outlandish vistas and weird dimensions unfolding around you. You'll explore a realm of crystal and discover what your sire hid. You'll delve through a living, breathing, city-sized predator and encounter the inhuman creatures who live there. You'll journey through your mind, a labyrinth of potential madness.

Art Direction

We've been very particular in the concept pieces we've released thus far. They set the tone and style we want to replicate in the game world. They invoke the feelings we want you to experience as you traverse our corner of the Ninth World and beyond.

You'll do all this and much more, and our team of talented artists and environmental designers will show you what it looks like. In particular, we've got Aaron Meyers helping to shape the vision. Aaron was one of the artists for the original Planescape: Torment as well as the lead artist for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Alpha Protocol.

Sound & Music

Sound and music design plays a crucial role in developing the gaming experience. We want a slim blade to whisper through the air and a heavy proton axe to whoosh with might and power. Electricity and flame should crackle. The energies of the devices of the forgotten eras should hum and vibrate with magical intensity.

We understand how important sound design is in establishing a game's aesthetics, and we'll craft Torment's sound to complement its unforgettable experience. We want our sound to add weight and heft to the world, to creak and moan and echo in the right places.

We have enlisted the talents of veteran composer Mark Morgan to create the soundtrack for Torment: Tides of Numenera. He has already created the theme, the haunting beauty of the Bloom, and the cosmopolitan sounds of Sagus Cliffs. We look to him to paint an evocative portrait that will reinforce the game's message. Through stretch goals, we have expanded his involvement in the project significantly.