Updated Our Journal #48: Third Alpha Systems Test Released, Crisis Gameplay Demoed

kickstarter1 year ago • 2015-10-07

TL;DR: Jeremy on AST C0; Gameplay Video Jeremy here to talk about our third Alpha Systems Test (C0), which gives our backers the first chance to get their hands on one of our Crisis scenarios. If you need a reminder, we provided this PDF describing our Crisis concept. I wanted to take advantage of this release to describe some of the mechanics and interfaces of Crises, both so our alpha backers can hop in and play, and so all of our backers gain more insight into what we're...
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Updated Our Journal #47: Torment Alpha Systems Tests Have Arrived

kickstarter1 year ago • 2015-09-16

TL;DR: Torment Alpha Systems Tests underway; Adam on party death; audio from PAX panel that included Adam Hello Tormented Ones, Thomas here. Midway through last month we released Alpha Systems Test (AST) A0, the first of our ASTs for those backers who have alpha systems access as part of their tier rewards or as an add-on. You may remember the ASTs are bite-sized chunks of early-game Torment content, meant to give eligible backers a very early look at the direction we're h...
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Classic RPGs PAX Panel with Adam Heine

misc1 year ago • 2015-09-08

Missed the Classic RPGs Forever panel at PAX Prime? Never fear, our friends at Larian put up the panel’s audio on their YouTube channel. Listen to RPG Designers including our own Adam Heine talk RPGs for a good hour.
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Second Alpha Systems Test Released!

rewards1 year ago • 2015-08-28

Our second Alpha Systems Test, B0, has been released to backers with the AST as part of their rewards! This test includes new locations, exploration gameplay and companion interaction! If you already have your Alpha Systems Test key redeemed on Steam, your game will update automatically. If you qualify for the AST and don't have your key yet, you can find it on your Rewards page on the Torment web site.
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First Alpha Systems Test Released!

rewards1 year ago • 2015-08-14

The first Torment Alpha Systems Test is out to our backers! If your tier includes this reward or you added it as an add-on, check your email and grab your key on the Torment website!
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Updated Our Journal #46: Narrative Character Generation

kickstarter1 year ago • 2015-08-13

TL;DR: Adam at PAX; an update on production and interfaces; Adam on character generation Hello Tormented Ones, Kevin here. First and foremost, if you happen to be attending PAX Prime in Seattle in a few weeks, be sure to check in on the CLASSIC RPGs FOREVER! Panel on Sunday, August 30th at 11 AM in the Sasquatch Theater. It will feature not only DoubleBear's Annie Mitsoda, Obsidian's Josh Sawyer, Harebrained's Mitch Gitelman, and Larian's Swen Vincke, but also our very own...
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Classic RPGs Panel at PAX

misc1 year ago • 2015-07-27

If you are going to PAX Prime next month, be sure to check in on the Classic RPGs Panel, which includes our very own design lead Adam Heine, along with Annie Mitsoda, Josh Sawyer, Mitch Gitelman, and Swen Vincke, with Penny Arcade’s Jeff Kalles moderating.
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Updated Our Journal #45: George Ziets, Josh Jertberg and Jeremy Kopman Talk on Live Stream

kickstarter1 year ago • 2015-07-10

TL;DR: live streaming Torment talk; Asylum art; progress on physical map Thomas here.  Our creative lead Colin McComb was in the office again in the flesh (he is always with us in spirit, of course). You may have seen this amusing photo from a Sagus Cliffs story session or his cameo at the end of the Bard’s Tale IV infomercial. But fist-bumps aside, it was a very productive visit as we continue to make great progress on our number one focus, the opening areas of...
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