Updated Our Journal #60: Rolling Towards Release, New Novellas & Trailers

kickstarter5 months ago • 2016-11-23

tl;dr: Torment in the home stretch, new novellas released for backers, and new Type trailers to watch. Hello Exiles, Eric Daily here! I'm the producer on Torment, coordinating the team and managing day-to-day affairs. I've been around since the Wasteland 2 days, but they have now decided to let me out of my cage in time for Thanksgiving so I can bring you an update on where we're at! But first, we have a new series of trailers rolling out from Techland, which show off our...
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Torment: Tides of Numenera - Glaive Trailer

media5 months ago • 2016-11-23

Hot on the heels of the previous video, today we have the second of our character Type overviews for Torment. This one covers the Glaive: Glaives are the elite warriors of the Ninth World, using weapons, armor, and martial arts to fight their enemies. Choose the Glaive to become the shield and sword of your party. Be sure to also check out the videos for the Jack and Nano!
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Torment: Tides of Numenera - Nano Trailer

media5 months ago • 2016-11-16

Today, we're pleased to debut a brand-new series of trailers for Torment in which we show off each of our character Types (classes). This first one is for the Nano: Nanos are the sorcerers of the Ninth World. They earned this name and reputation through their mastery of ancient technology, which to the untrained mind seems like utter magic. Choose the Nano and become the mastermind of your party. Don't miss our other videos for the Glaive and Jack!
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Updated Our Journal #59: Polish & Interface Improvements, Looking Forward

kickstarter6 months ago • 2016-10-05

Hello Exiles, Eric here. We're in the home stretch on Torment, and in the last few months we've been working hard to refine and improve the game. My main role has been to work with our artists and engineers to make our user experience as good as it can be. We are in that magical time when a game goes from being something simply playable but rough, to being truly enjoyable, and that's a wonderfully creative period where iteration abounds and we have the time and energy to rea...
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Colin McComb EGX 2016 Talk

misc6 months ago • 2016-09-27

Colin McComb attended EGX in lovely England this past weekend to give a talk about Torment's narrative design. The full video is available below, and sees Colin going into depth about the underpinnings of character design as well as walking through the design of one of the game's side quests.
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Torment Fan Q&A Video - Part 2

media6 months ago • 2016-09-26

Creative Lead Colin and Senior Writer Gavin are back for the final part of this fan Q&A video series! In this one they answer questions from social media and speculate on the chances of success the various Torment team members would have while trying to survive a billion years in the future. You can also view part 1 below if you missed it:
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Torment Fan Q&A Video - Part 1

media7 months ago • 2016-09-22

We recently polled on social media for questions from our fans, and we got a fantastic response - enough to make not one, but two videos! Here, we have Creative Lead Colin McComb and Senior Writer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie in part 1 delve into the answers. We'll have part 2 ready to show soon, so keep an eye out.
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