Updated Our Journal #67: Here Come the Boxes!

kickstarter2017-03-28 10:18:38

tl;dr: Rewards begin shipping, new patch, and work on additional content begins.

Hi Castoffs!

‘Tis I, Eric Daily, here for an update. We have a few exciting topics to cover today, so let's jump right in!

Rewards Shipping

The first wave of shipments of backers’ physical goods has begun as of March 16th! They are shipping via UPS, and many of you will have already received shipping confirmation emails. You should receive a tracking number as part of your shipping confirmation. Many backers have already received theirs, but please be patient if you haven't got your shipping confirmation yet, as there are still many thousands of boxes rolling out!

Shipping Address Changes & Delivery Issues

If you receive a shipping confirmation, and the shipping address your package is being sent to is incorrect, or you encounter another delivery issue, you can use the button at the UPS web site under your tracking page to request changes to your shipment.

Please note that because the shipping is being done by UPS, you can contact UPS customer service directly to discuss change of address or possible pick-up at your nearest UPS pick-up point. If you are unable to resolve any shipping issue with UPS, however, please submit a support request and we shall assist further!

Also, note that signed goods require some extra time due to the additional turn-around required for the signing process. These will ship a bit later as a result, so if you are receiving signed goods and don't get your confirmation immediately, DO NOT PANIC!!1 This doesn't indicate a problem.

inXile Help Center

Over the last few months, we've received an increasing number of help requests, especially around release of our games, and we've sometimes had trouble keeping up with the feedback. To better serve you, and make sure relevant information can be found all in one place, we have launched a new Help Center page.

This also comes with a new ticket request system, which will help both you and us stay on top of messages more easily and they get answered in a timely fashion.

New Patch

Next, we have a new patch for Torment on PC! (It will also be coming to consoles very shortly.) Below you can see the highlights. If you are playing on Steam you will have already likely downloaded it, while if you're on GOG, it'll be up as soon as possible!


  • Fixed a large number of freezes that would happen in various states.
  • Numerous performance optimizations
  • Addendum text should now be appearing on item descriptions. Many dozens of items now have more details depending on your lore skills and other factors!
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing party members from bantering. Party members should now be much more talkative!
  • Updated a number of crisis sequences to rebalance a number of enemies. In some situations, it will make combat proceed more quickly with combats that were sluggish.
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to movement grid, pathing, and AI. This should prevent issues where the game would hang as combat could get stuck in numerous situations.
  • Several quest and conversation fixes.
  • Inspiring Presence and other looping sound effects have been removed.

As you can see from the highlights, this update is focused mostly on performance improvements and bug fixes. For the full release notes, see here. But, of course, we have more in the works...

Oom & Voluminous Codex

Design and writing work has begun on some of the content additions that we spoke about last Kickstarter update.

Oom's character is currently being built out by Colin McComb and Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, and they're working hard to make it a unique character that also fits in with the overall storyline of the game. On the design front, initial work has been done on figuring out what kinds of abilities and features Oom will have, both during exploration and Crisis gameplay. Meanwhile, the art team has begun the initial stages of figuring out his character model and design.

Regarding the Voluminous Codex, most of the writing and user interface design work has been completed, and we are in the beginning stages of integrating it into the game itself, both in the interface itself as well as all the hooks and triggers to make sure the entries are unlocked at the right stages of the game. Similar to other RPGs, the Codex entries you receive will give you details on companions and characters you meet as well as provide additional lore about the world, factions, creatures, and cults.

As we stated last time, we don't have dates for these additions just yet as our focus is on doing them right. However, as mentioned, these will be completely free to all backers and owners of Torment. We hope to have them in time to give you an even more fresh experience for your second (or third, or fourth...) playthrough. We will keep you informed as progress is made!

Thanks for all your support and stay tuned!
Eric Daily