RPG Watch Interviews the Torment Team

news2017-03-31 17:44:27

The folks from community site RPG Watch have interviewed the Torment team now that the game has released. We've got a snippet for you below, while you can check out the full article here!

Pessimeister: Could you describe the process of maintaining writing consistency and coherency within your team writing framework? How difficult is it to edit work for a setting so profoundly open to the imagination?

Gavin: As I mentioned above, as strange as conversations can get, they have to make sense. Things still happen because of what the player does, not because we want some weird bullshit to happen.

Generally, feedback focused around these areas: noting where a player should be able to ask or do something, for example. Or maybe the NPC wasn't reacting realistically to the player.

In other words, this is a billion years in the future, but people are still people. Even if they're lacking heads, have gills, or aren't people at all.

Farflame: Are all locations and factions in the game taken from Numenera lore? Did you follow some guidelines from Monte Cook about what you can or can't create in that southern part of the world?

George: Our section of the world was entirely developed by us. We needed to maintain the same sensibilities as the rest of Monte Cook's setting, of course - for example, embracing the unapologetic strangeness of the Ninth World - but apart from that, we could do whatever we wanted. Although Monte never gave us any mandates to use creatures or characters from the Numenera books, we still wanted to reward fans of the setting by including some of our favorites, like the murdens and the nychthemeron, as well as factions and characters from the books, like the Order of Truth and Sir Arthour. We also reference quite a bit of content from established parts of the Ninth World, even though the player doesn't go there.

In a fun twist of co-creation, Monte Cook Games released a sourcebook based on our part of the world in the summer of 2016 - Torment Tides of Numenera: The Explorer's Guide. They took our design documents and turned them into content for the pen-and-paper game.